Approved Tree Care
An ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure
Tree and Plant Health Care
Whether you need simple bush or shrubbery trimming and shaping or something more complex like removing an 80' tree from your back yard, we have the skills, people and tools to do the job right.
Remember, Approved Tree Care is a full service tree and bush care provider. We don't just remove dead branches. We can help you care for that tree to keep the branches from dying in the first place.
Total Plant Health is our primary concern. From from planting to mulching, trimming, pruning, bracing and disease prevention and recovery, we are at your service to ensure your trees and bushes are healthy and as low maintenance as possible.
Tree Removal
Plant Health Care
Pruning / Trimming / Cabling and Bracing
Tree Installation / Mulching
Tree Survey / Preservation
Pre and Post-Construction Best Practices
Emerald Ash Borer Prevention
Dutch Elm Disease

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