Approved Tree Care
Services - Trimming, Pruning, Cabling an

Proper maintenance for years of shade and enjoyment

Have a tree or bush that has gotten lazy?
It could be from constant wind, snow damage or just the weight of branches that cause the tree or shrub to stray off the straight and narrow.
A tree or bush that is not growing straight will cause a lot of problems down the road. Not only for the tree but possibly for other areas of your property as well.

A leaning tree has excessive weight on one side. This can cause the tree to be uprooted during wind or snow storms. In some cases the weight of unbalanced branch growth is enough to allow the branches or entire tree to snap off unexpectedly, causing damage to surrounding trees, bushes, plants, house or buildings.
Proper tree pruning, cabling and bracing can bring a damaged tree back from the brink. By pruning away the dead wood, bracing areas that are unbalanced and developing a cable plan that will pull the tree back to vertical, you can avoid the expense of replacing the tree and maintain the look of your yard as you had planned it.

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