Approved Tree Care
Services - Planting, Installation, Mulch

Proper planting ensures proper growth.

Is it time to add or replace a tree?
Our certified arborists will work with you from the planning stage through the planting and maintenance of your new tree. Engaging with an arborist early in the design will help with the selection of a tree or shrubbery that is suited for the new location both environmentally and aesthetically.
Selecting a species of tree or bush uniquely suited to your location (dry, wet, hot, cold, shade, sun) will ensure that it will be there and will be healthy as long as possible.
Approved Tree Care also offers annual Mulching. There are a variety of benefits to putting down a 2-4” layer of mulch around your trees and shrubs every year.
Mulch provides a protection layer that holds in moisture for your plant roots. That protective layer also helps moderate temperature fluctuations. This can be especially important in the spring and fall when we see temperature swings of 30 or 40 degrees during a day.
Finally, mulch crowds out weeds and grasses that compete for water and nutrition with trees and bushes. By creating a blanket of coverage with mulch, we starve the weeds and grasses of sunlight which hinders, and in many cases, arrests their growth entirely.
Mulch is an organic, natural and eco-friendly way to manage weeds while helping your trees and bushes stay healthy.

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