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Save what you already have

A little planning can make all the difference.
We've all seen it. Huge, established trees in a typical neighborhood that get damaged during a remodel, tear down or new construction.
Part of the value of the property you are planning on building on is the trees. They are the consummate icon of longevity and stability.
Tear the bark off a classic old elm or maple with a Bobcat and it won't be too long before that beautiful old tree will need to be replaced. Typically with a sapling.
While old trees may look indestructible, they are very susceptible to the stresses of being disrupted. While injured bark is an obvious damage that can be seen, there are a number of other impacts that are less obvious, but can have a similar outcome. Damage to critical roots, soil compacted around roots, and new sun and wind exposures can all have a negative effect on the health of a historic tree.
Without observing best practices for tree and shrub maintenance during construction, the negative effects may not be seen for several years.
Don't lose your trees to construction site negligence. Have Approved Tree Care come out today to evaluate and put a construction plan in place so you can keep those trees and shrubs where they are now and generations to come.

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